About Us

My goal as an instructor is to provide students the opportunity to train in Chinese Martial Arts, wherever and whenever, to continue our traditions and historical legacy, keeping gongfu alive.

What started first off with Tai Chi Trainer XR, our smartphone-based Tai Chi app, has lead to full-blown exercise programs designed with traditional martial artists in mind, ranging for the importance of basic movements, to flexibilty, to strength. We aim to train in spirit of what it means to be dedicated to physical training, like the revered Shaolin monks who practice gongfu daily. 

Our program goes where you go. We now live in technology and our smartphones - it's time to incorporate your training into it. You have no excuses now. Start in our White Rank program, and work your way up into a year's worth of traditional training combined with effective, modern day training elements, at the fraction of studio costs. Dedicate yourself to 1-3 months of training on your own time, your own location, to become what you envision.

We look forward to helping you become your success story.

Shifu Lei Shao Long

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